Stones Table ©

This table set melds precision mathematics with the appearance of organic form. When put together, the 6 unique components form a simple rectangular low table. When separated, the odd shapes of the components are evident and they can be used as end tables, benches, or sculptural objects. We developed the forms as a 3-dimensional Voronoi tessellation, an algorithm that permits endless formal variations. The components are made with precision CNC-cut sheets of Baltic Birch, laminated horizontally with exposed plywood edges.

© Min | Day 2013

Prototypes fabricated in Omaha, Nebraska by Colley Furniture Studio.

Type: product
Status: in redevelopment

Please contact MOD for more information.

• 2013 AIA Nebraska Merit Award
• 2013 AIA San Francisco Constructed Realities Citation

Showcase House photos by Bruce Damonte.
Elevator photos by John Lee.